updates, and a disclaimer to save my ass

I mentioned a few articles back that I will be reviewing The Social Network along with Let Me In. Unfortunately, where I am, the cinemas aren’t showing the film anymore. Because I failed to watch the film, I would like to say, “I’m sorry. We’re sorry. Sorry.”

Oh, another thing: this blog isn’t dedicated exclusively to horror films. This is simply to address one reader’s concern when he noticed that almost all the films I’ve reviewed here, so far, are horror movies. This is purely incidental as I got this blog running during Halloween.

That’s it for now. Let Me In opens in Philippine cinemas Wednesday, November 10.


One thought on “updates, and a disclaimer to save my ass

  1. Sven B Lazy

    awww 😦 Well if it helps, I’ll try to scout you the dvd of the social network. 😀 But eh it’s you who reviews so I’ll be waiting for the next review anyway 🙂


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