Still No Tron:Legacy

Okay, so I still haven’t seen Tron: Legacy on IMAX. Worst case scenario’s that I’ll get to see it come January when school resumes.

On the other hand, the dreaded Metro Manila Film Festival will start on Christmas Day.  I say dreaded because the cinemas will be saturated with local films. Now, I’ve only been courageous enough to attend it twice, and twice I’ve been disappointed (a HUGE understatement, believe me).

Well, at least Tron: Legacy’s on IMAX, and so far, local cinema hasn’t made an IMAX quality film yet.

And when will Black Swan be released in the Philippines?!


2 thoughts on “Still No Tron:Legacy

  1. jtsharpe

    Skip it unless you’re an Olivia Wilde, Jeff Bridges, Some Blonde Guy (honestly can’t remember the dude’s name) or Daft Punk fan.

    The 3D gets old and bland after about half an hour in and the Pygmalion-gone-wild story does not acquire half the gravitas needed to not make you snicker at the amateurish writing.

    Oh, and Enteng Kabisote for the win! If you’re gonna go bad, go super bad.


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