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Random Impressions on Stanley Kubrick: Number 1

*I intend this to be a continuing post on the most important filmmaker of the 20th Century. With these impressions, one hopes to understand the aesthetics of the filmmaker, as well as to discover the Kubrick signature in his films. These posts will be extremely short.


For now, my initial impression for Stanley Kubrick is that he’s a “filmmaker’s filmmaker”. Most of the regular audiences wouldn’t fully appreciate his films, and this was evident during most commercial releases of his films. However, the technical qualities of his films drive the filmmakers nuts over his films. With Kubrick’s modifications of the camera in Barry Lyndon, and the models used in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick knew how to handle these innovations well and apply them to his films.

Which takes me to another aspect of Kubrick’s movies for the next post: Kubrick’s films as experimentations on form.