The Rite: Really Late Impressions

Okay, this film is more than 5 months delayed. However, considering that this film has already been released on DVD, here’s to hoping that this review would convince you guys to get it on DVD or Blu-ray.

My impressions on the film? I believe that this is possibly one of the best exorcism films since 1973’s The Exorcist.

The Good and the Bad (combined)

Just to be fast: the film’s scares are more of a cerebral type of horror rather the typical gore-nography used in most horror films these days. Things are more implied than presented (except for the actual exorcism sequence). The film’s look is dark. The cinematography evokes a feeling of helplessness and isolation on part of the protagonist. Combined with the demon‘s presence through sound, the effect is certainly unsettling.

As for the “weak” parts, most have already mentioned that this film adds nothing new to the library of exorcism movies that have already been released. Simply put, the film is supposedly “cliched” and “generic”. Additionally, the third act descended into a  “typical” confrontation between a priest and a demon. Again, “predictable”. If, however, one takes into account the personal journey of the protagonist, one could say that the film’s climax is the most logical path for the plot. Primarily, the film is a spiritual journey on part of the protagonist: he experiences a crisis of faith, and finds his faith once more through an exorcism ritual.

The Verdict

This is definitely one of the scariest films of 2011, if you take into account the reality of demonic possession, as well as if you truly understand the nature of the Enemy. I believe that the film was able to effectively drive the point without being to heavy-handed about it. However, if you do not believe that at all, then you’re in for a *blech* generic, cliched exorcism film (*coughs*bullshit*cough).

4 stars out of 5.

Support the entertainment industry! Buy on original! 😛


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