In defense for the “disappointing” Selina Kyle costume design, and another unpopular opinion…




Seems like the haters are geek raging to the interwebz (not surprisingly) about the disappointing costume design for Selina Kyle, most particularly to the goggles. Some comments I’ve read range from, “I’ve trusted Nolan’s vision until now” to “This look’s cheap” to “Where are her ears?”

I personally think the costume design is underwhelming. But somehow, I’m not that surprised. I’ve had my doubts with Christopher Nolan‘s previous design and directions with the previous Batman films too. Take the following as examples.

The first time  saw I the new Joker make-up of Heath Ledger, I found it too dirty and weird, and said to myself that “I still prefer the old Joker make-up of Jack Nicholson. How did that end up?

The first time I saw the Tumbler from Batman Begins, I thought it was okay. But how about those who were used to the corvette-like design of the earlier Bat-mobiles? I’m sure some were also skeptical of the new design. How did that end up?

The first time I saw Ra’s al-Ghul  played by Ken Watanabe, I honestly laughed at how goofy he looked. Come now, don’t deny it: loose robes, and a white goatie divided in half? It looked goofy! How did that end up?

Point: take it easy with first impressions. These are simply stills. And I’m pretty sure the story will justify the designs.

P.S.- As for an unpopular opinion, what the hell is this?

I’m sure Tom Hardy will be able to pull this role off, but what’s up with the goofy looking Bane mask? Hehe! 😛 Still, I can’t wait for the movie!

Peace out! 🙂


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