Well, technically it’s still tomorrow, as my very first blog entry on this site was October 27, 2010.

My my, it’s been a year already? Just a year ago I was still struggling to finish my thesis on time, depended on money from my folks, and was practically a bum. *sigh*, I wish the faux Bohemian lifestyle. Sadly, I need to shed that off as one needs to earn in order for me to continue watching movies.

For all my loyal followers (I know there are. Though I just wish that you guys would comment more often), thanks for following me for the past year. Here’s to another year before I destroy the world in 2012.

P.S.- Oh yeah, you can expect a couple of new articles in the coming days. In lieu with the Halloween spirit, you can expect two articles concerning horror films. One would be a discussion on effective uses of gore in films, and the other would be a comparison between three “found footage” films, namely The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, and Rec.

Oh, and don’t mind the picture. It’s the cutest one I could find.

See you soon!



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