Josh Never Ends Up With the Girl…But Not For Long!!!

My friends and I noticed that in most of his films, Josh Hutcherson never ends up with the girl. Allow me to illustrate via pictures.

Exhibit One: 10-year-old Gabe Malley did not end up with 11-year-old Rosemary Telesco (played by Charlie Ray) due to external circumstances inLittle Manhattan.

Exhibit Two: Because of an unfortunate accident, Jess Aarons did not end with Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia.

You’d think that after two films where he does not end up with the girl, the third time will be the charm. It seems like it will. Info from his upcoming movie (no, notThe Hunger GamesJourney 2: The Mysterious Island mentions that Josh will have a “love interest”.

Finally! After years of ending up single, he’ll finally have a sweetheart! Someone who will…

Uhuh… Okay…  Uh, I think I’d rather wait for another Josh Hutcherson-AnnaSophia Robb tandem…

I like their chemistry.


Or maybe I still haven’t forgiven her for making Highschool Musical




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