Wrath of the Titans (A Short Review)

2012 finally has its first HORRIBLE movie. For the first time in goodness knows how long, I felt guilty after inviting my dad to watch a film with me in the cinemas. Of all the films we could’ve seen, it had to be Wrath of the Titans, the uninspired and completely unnecessary sequel to the forgettable Clash of the Titans a few years back.

I call this a short review as it is what it is: a SHORT REVIEW. Thus, I won’t even bother including review staples such as the good and the bad for this one as this film is indeed garbage.

There is a generic plot. Now, I usually don’t mind generic plots as long as the other elements of the film makes up for it (yes, James CameronAvatar is nothing more than a technical exercise). However, this film is just so lazily done that, argh! My head aches just thinking of it.

The direction was uninspired. You’d think that the action sequences might save this movie but it doesn’t. The major set pieces (the chimera fight, the minotaur fight, even the Kronos and Ares fight) all look the same, especially the final encounter with Kronos (I never thought I’d say it, but the Kraken and Medusa fight in Clash looks way better than this one).

For some reason, I didn’t see the $150 million budget here. The VFX looks second-rate (seems like I’m finally getting tired of C.G.I.). The action sequences are terribly disappointing for they all involve Perseus running away or running towards a bad-guy (the fight choreography isn’t spectacular). Acting-wise, Sam Worthington shows his limited acting range (and what’s up with his goofy looking mullet?). Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Bill Nighy couldn’t salvage this picture despite their acting chops. Edgar Ramirez (playing Ares) has one expression all throughout. Rosamund Pike, well, is pretty to look at (though Alexa Davalos is way hotter than her).

The Verdict

How else could I describe this movie? Oh, here’s one: it was lazily produced, directed, acted, shot, and… reviewed (teehee! :P)?

Do not watch this film on Imax, it wouldn’t be worth your time and money.

Additionally, some reviewers are saying that the film had a plot structure of a videogame, wherein one involves fighting goons, a boss character, rinse and repeat. I think that that analogy is a huge disrespect to videogames in general. I’d rather play a relatively bad videogame over and over again that watch this uninspired and completely unnecessary piece of garbage.

1 star out of 5.


One thought on “Wrath of the Titans (A Short Review)

  1. Matt Slade

    You forgot to mention how the last bit of the film once again has the hero not the back of Pegasus, racing towards the unstoppable monster that can only be killed by one weapon. This was a total re-use from the first film. While I enjoyed the rest of the film I felt that this part was lazy.


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