A Couple of Things (part of which is a tease to The Avengers)

First of all, some of you loyal followers of this mediocre blog (and I continue to thank your persistence in following a wannabe film critic) will notice that Part 2 of my 3 part entry about David Fincher‘s filmography has yet to be published. The reason for this is… well, I’ve no real good reason except for the fact that I’m totally psyched for The Avengers (which will open here in the Philippines tomorrow, April 25) that I cannot write anything (much less focus on writing some actual decent film reviews and pretentious literary shit). I’d also want to add that playing Diablo 2 in my current spare time is also killing my productivity (I’m building a Necro-Summoner by the way).

That’s basically it. Hopefully, if saving the world from the three Prime Evils doesn’t beckon me, I would be able to watch The Avengers tomorrow and finally update this blog with a long awaited film review.

It’s hot here, despite being night-time. Goodnight folks! See you around!



Evil Dr. Bok…


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