Thoughts about the “Highlander” remake

For the uninitiated, Highlander is an 80s fantasy film which involves immortals battling over the centuries to win “The Prize”. That’s it. Oh, and their weapon of choice happens to be bladed weapons. Oh, and the first film starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. Now while the presentation and the direction of the film is severely flawed, I have to admit that the world the film (and the TV series) created had some interesting moments, as well as being emotionally interesting (the idea of a mortal and immortal falling in love, and the immortal having to live his life without his soul mate was admittedly one of the more touching and interesting moments in the first film).

Now, I’m actually excited (though wary) about a Highlander remake because 1. it involves swordfights, 2. they’re immortals, and 3. they involve decapitations. However, some things which I believe would actually improve Highlander would be to make the first Highlander film chronologically the last film of the series. There has been this problem of each sequel half-heartedly explaining that, “Oh, you’re not the last Immortal so you have to continue fighting each other”. 

Secondly, I’d probably focus on the immortality theme as it is indeed a very exciting exploration of love. How would a being damned to live forever love? That’s pretty interesting, if you ask me.


One thought on “Thoughts about the “Highlander” remake

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