Happy New Year! (and a prelude to the year-ender entry)

Happy New Year, my loyal minions! Usually my year-ender entry should be posted by now, but considering that there were some films for 2012 which I have yet to see (namely Les Miserables and Zero Dark Thirty), I decided to postpone it for awhile at least until I get to see one of them.

For a preview, here are some hints:

1. Three films from my 2012 watch-list won’t be a part of my top 5 of 2012.

2. My top film of the year (unless Les Mis proves it otherwise) is an animated film.

3. A film excruciatingly negatively reviewed by mainstream critics will be one of my Top 5s of 2012.

4. Most importantly, the Special Mentions section of my year-ender will be greatly expanded to include films which I enjoyed and didn’t. Reasons for doing so would be either the film tried an interesting artistic experiment, or simply due to overall expectations.

That’s it for now. May your 2013 be a blast! 🙂


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