A Scary Movie for Halloween, and a Halloween Message for my Minions

Good Morning, my dear minions! Today is Halloween, that time of the year when kids are to dress up in costumes and increase their blood sugar level due to Trick or Treating. Or maybe it’s the time when we huddle up in front of the television and watch some scary movies to celebrate the scariest day of the year.

For this year, however, I’d like to change the usual format of giving a “list” of recommended scary movies. Let’s be realistic: as responsible adults (and maybe adolescents for my students also read this blog), it’ll be a bit irresponsible of us to lock ourselves in our TV rooms and go on an Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, and Halloween marathon the entire day.

As such, even though I love movies, I’d like to be an example to my fellow minions: be responsible this Halloween! If you’re a parent, play with your kids; help your kids dress up for their Halloween party or something. If you have a party tonight, prepare for it properly! Make sure you have everything needed: drinks, food, alcohol, candy, etc. If you’re a kid, enjoy the trick or treating, but make sure you brush your teeth properly before going to sleep. A scarier thing that ghosts haunting you tonight is the pain caused by tooth decay. Believe, you don’t want your teeth drilled up; it hurts like hell. Seriously.

“But Evil Dr. Bok!” I can already hear you impatient minions of mine groaning, “We’re glad that you’re such a benevolent and responsible Evil Villain, but where are the FRAKKING movies?!”

Like I said, only one movie for this year. And because I want to do something different, this film doesn’t feature any ghosts, demons, or any supernatural creature. Let’s face it; vampires, werewolves, and Lovecraftian terrors are scary, but they’re made up. In the end of the day, even if they symbolize the excesses of the human psyche, you can still take comfort in the knowledge that you won’t encounter Count Orlock, the American werewolf of London, or a shoggoth on your way home from the Halloween party.

Real life human beings, are another matter. There’s a saying amongst us Filipinos, “Huwag kang matakot sa patay. Matakot ka sa buhay,” roughly translated, “Don’t fear the dead. Fear the living.” This makes sense; the dead are dead, and they cannot harm you. The living, however, is a different matter. While it’s okay to occassionally think that human beings are nice guys, the recent track record worldwide tells a different story. A living person is capable of harming you, or causing you distress (yes, even the nicest ones). Thus, Evil Dr. Bok’s recommendation for Halloween 2013 would be…

*drum roll*…


Rob Reiner‘s Misery

This film never ceases to give me the chills. When I used to attend writing workshops in the university, my writing teacher showed this to us. My fellow classmates and I were on edge the entire time, especially when Kathy Bates‘s character starts showing off her cuckoo nature. Up till now, my writing teacher would still show this to his writing students and, every time, the students would be on the edge of their seats. This isn’t like the usual schlock fare which passes for “horror” these days: Misery is terrifying in every conceivable level. This film should be seen by those who appreciate truly terrifying films.

Oh, and Pazuzu says “Hi.”


Happy Halloween, my ever loyal minions! 🙂



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