Short Review: “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (In Question and Answer Form) won’t be the harlot that I was in my Godzilla entry. Is X-Men: Days of Future Past any good? It depends on what you mean by “good”. If you consider ANY X-Men film better than X-Men: The Last Stand as good, then yes, this is a good film. If you think that a comic book film that perfectly captures the feel of a comic book reboot ala Crisis on Infinite Earths is good, then yes, Days of Future Past is good. If you think that a film that apologizes for the debacles that were X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine, and arguably The Wolverine, is considered good, then yes, X-Men: Days of Future Past is good. If you think that a movie which tries to be an Avengers is good, then yes, X-Men: Days of Future Past is good.

“But Evil Dr. Bok,” you guys ask, “is it THE best X-Men movie made?” I answer, “No, it would still be X2: X-Men United“. “Is it the best superhero movie ever made?” you continue. “No,” I reply, “that would still be Spider-Man 2, arguably The Dark Knight, and The Avengers“. I wouldn’t call X-Men: Days of Future Past overrated; I just enjoyed the earlier superhero films more. For now, I would say that the best superhero film of the year would still be Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Other than that, consider this a recommendation. 😉



One thought on “Short Review: “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (In Question and Answer Form)

  1. Cima

    I agree on a lot of your points. It felt as if there was an earnest effort to “clean up” the mess that came up with X-Men 3 and succeeding movies. As a comic book nerd of the (fifth to the) highest order, it was weird trying to figure out how Kitty Pryde got consciousness-time-travel powers.

    Anyhoo, we enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining to see how the story line threads were being assembled to deal with the current movie’s plot and possible future ones. Such as how Stryker got a hold of Logan in the first place.

    But going back to the time-travel aspect a bit. What if it was Cable who provided the means to travel through time? Would it tie up well with the next X-Men movie involving Apocalypse? After all, Apocalypse vs. Cable have a history, so to speak.


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