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A Short Diversion: Philippine Independence, and the German football team

As of time of writing, it’s the 13th of June, Friday, 2014. Yesterday was the Philippine Independence Day, thus a holiday. Yahoo. Thanks for the other countries who celebrated with us in spirit. 😉


Secondly, I just found out that the 2014 FIFA World Cup has just started. As the Philippine Azkals have not yet qualified for the World Cup, again we Filipinos must look to an imperial time to support. Most of my friends lean favorably towards the Spanish team. I, on the other hand, am leaning towards the German national football team. There’s just something about their play (at least during the previous World Cup) which appealed to me; I guess it was the “precision German engineering” aspect of it which hooked me in. So there, go Germany!


See you at the movies, and at Brazil! 😉