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On Marathoning The Lord of the Rings films

As some of you know, I’m doing my Master’s Degree on The Lord of the Rings, specifically,  “Aristotle‘s Notions of Virtue in Tragedy” as applied in the characters of Boromir, Denethor, and Faramir. Now to set things straight, I’m analysing the BOOKS, not the movies (though I wish that I can just do an analysis of the films themselves). What does this have to do with my impulsive marathoning of the films? Absolutely nothing.

As this is an impulsive review, allow me to give the FINAL VERDICT of the three films (take note that these are the theatrical release of the movies).

The Fellowship of the Ring: A great introduction, and works fine as a stand-alone film.

The Two Towers: Boring as hell! Yup, you heard me. The only good part of the movie is The Battle of Helm’s Deep. But apart from that, I felt like Merry and Pippin waiting for the Entmoot to finish (only to find out that the ents just mentioned their names). Another thing, the portions with Frodo and Sam also took their sweet time, and their depiction of Faramir is almost unforgivable (he was NEVER interested in the Ring, NEVER!!!).

In other words: part two SUCKS ASS!

The Return of the King: This film totally makes up for the flaws of The Fellowship of the Ring and how The Two Towers sucks ass. This is a very powerful and emotional conclusion to the film. We see the characters grow and rise to the occasion. And we finally see that damned Ring fall into the conveniently placed volcano in the Enemy’s backyard.

Seriously though, this is easily the best among the three films.

Whew! Now I’m done. Time to go back to revising that damn thesis! 😉