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Some speculations about the upcoming “Insidious: Chapter 2”

*Disclaimer: As Insidious has been released a couple of years ago, I’ll go with the assumption that majority have seen it already. If not, and if you plan on watching it, don’t read this post as I’ll be mentioned some MAJOR SPOILERS over here.

Okay, my post about Insidious wasn’t exactly giving the film best praises considering that it included an extremely unnecessary twist where Patrick Wilson‘s character gets possessed by the evil entity. Based on the ending, it is implied that he kills everyone inside the house, well, at least how I understood the ending. That only seems to be the most logical progression of events. It would look darn hilarious for Josh to tell Renai, “I was only angry at Lin Shaye‘s character for taking a candid picture of me so I strangled her to death. No biggie.”

Look, what I’m pointing out here is that the upcoming Insidious: Chapter 2 completely lost me based on the trailer as it was established that the family was, for some reason, happily reunited after the hauntings. Okay, this confuses me: didn’t Josh kill the medium at the end of the movie? Wasn’t Josh now controlled by the evil entity? How the heck did the family leave the hauntings behind, and how would Josh just forget about the murder? Did he suddenly develop amnesia or something? My goodness these questions boggle the mind.

Unless, it turns out that the entire film just happens to be hallucinations taking place within Josh’s mind as he tries to escape the clutches of the entity possessing his body. I’m sorry but that scenario seems to be the most logical progression of the story. But then again, coming from the writer of Saw, I’m guessing the right term would be, “Screw logic?”